Interesting and important links about Yandere Simulator

Here we collect important and useful links about Yandere Simulator.

YandereDev Official links:

  • YandereDev Patreon:
  • YandereDev Blog:
  • YandereDev YouTube:
  • YandereDev Twitter:
  • YandereDev Twitch (Without the broadcast of the Yandere Simulator! Twitch banned Yandere Simulator):
  • YandereDev on Reddit:
  • Yandere Simulator community:

    Yandere Simulator version:

  • Yandere4mac, not an official version of the game for the MAC: yandere4mac
  • Yanderehost, another way to download the Yandere Simulator: yanderehost
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